Cattle Punk

The year is 20xx. Milk has become one of the most efficient sources of energy in the galaxy. Enter the Robo Legion, Robotic overlords of Zenmos Prime, hellbent on stealing the Milk for themselves. The Robo Legion is set to take all of Earth's cattle, in turn, acquiring a limitless supply or milk. You are 'The Sheriff'. A watchful protector of these bovine creatures. Armed with your time limited psychic abilities and trusty six shooter, you must protect the cattle from the steely claws of these robotic menace. Will you beat the scourge in time?


Hyper: BAE is the adventure of Hazel, an engineer who has set out to save her part alien part robot friend R.O.M.E. from being made into a weapon by the very organization she works for. R.O.M.E. is being prepped for a weapons test and is heavily restrained and anchored to the scaffolding around it. Hazel must go against her obligations to the organization and break into the launch site to rescue R.O.M.E. all while avoiding its many elaborate security features. Run, jump and double jump through an intimidating web of fatality-inducing bullets spewed by a cadre of angry robotic sentry guns as you make your way up a strangely designed structure which should definitely have an elevator but you're kind of in a hurry.


Engage in fast-paced bone shattering 4-player Kaiju combat. Show no mercy to the other mini-kaiju battling for supremacy as you shatter their bones and attack their insecurities to become a full-fledged Kaiju. Will you be the apex kaiju or just become another kaiju's lunch. You know, after you shatter their bones and stuff.

Gacu Brawl was created during a 10 day development cycle for Gacucon.


Consoul is a game the takes us back to the time when we were young. We remember going home from school, enraptured by the thought of sitting in front of our TVs playing our favorite video games. This is what home means to us. So in the spirit of home, we have created Consoul. It is mean to be a throwback to that time so we developed games within a game. Our visuals will show two kids enjoying some video games in front of a TV. The games turned out a little unfinished due to the nature of game jams, but we are darn proud of where we took the theme and our concepts.